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SG POA | June Holiday Revision 2022

poa March hol crash course

(march 2024)

tailored For Sec 3, 4 & 5 students

Want to brush up on your POA foundation?

Revise, recap & revisit your POA concepts by getting help from our experienced ex-MOE teachers.

Seats are filling up fast. Grab yours today!

Top POA Tuition in Singapore. O Level POA Holiday Online Revision Programme (June 2021) at SG POA, by ex-MOE teachers. Premium revision notes are made for Sec 3, Sec 4 and Sec 5 students. Revision starts from Week 2 to Week 4 of June 2021.

POA can be as easy as 1-2-3! 

With our March Holiday crash courses, you will be able to ace your POA by relearning, and strengthening your foundation through our professional guidance as well as our specially curated notes before the start of the new school term.

Our POA specialists are fully equipped with necessary knowledge, skills and resources to clear your doubts. 

Conquer POA by joining our revision lessons during this March Holiday break. 

(Lessons are specifically curated for Express and NA students)



Ms Raine Lee
  • Degree of Accountancy by NTU
  • Master of Education (Guidance & Counselling) by NTU
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) by NIE
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Training and Human Resource Management by University of Leicester
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Expert in the new syllabus (7086 and 7087) 
  • Ex-MOE HOD with years of experience specializing in POA (NA & Express)

students' reviews

Victoria Teo
(Kent Ridge Sec)

The lessons allowed me to learn ahead of my class and helped me grasp the information taught more efficiently by giving me already done notes for each chapter.

The notes helped me to practice the example questions that would be tested in that particular chapter, and the examination papers showed me the type of questions that could appear in my WAs and end year examinations. The teacher is very understanding and puts up with my silly questions that I frequently ask.

(Student from Whitley Sec)

Thanks Ms Lee! Your efforts in helping my kid are very much appreciated. He is learning and getting better. Your experience and resources will go a long way to grow the students!

Alonzo Au
(St Patrick's Sec)

The tuition class is helpful for me. Before that I don’t know how to answer the questions at all, I just base it out of luck, but now I have more confidence in going through the work with me knowing the concepts. The teacher is kind and friendly, and always clear my doubts throughout the lessons.

(St. Anthony's Canossian Sec)

For WA1 and WA2 last year, I got U (fail) but when I attended lessons here after WA for a few months, I managed to get an A for my end of year exam. The centre makes the lesson understandable so I eventually found the subject fun, as opposed to my previous experience that I used to hate it due to my lack of understanding of the subject.

Keith Ang
(St Gabriel's Sec)

I didn't know anything about POA before i started here but after I joined I understood a lot about POA and scored well.

In school, my teacher is always in a rush and not stopping to check on students' understanding due to the high amount of students and lack of time. But here at the tuition center, the teachers takes time to teach and make sure the students understand what she is teaching and whenever  I do not understand something, she will make sure I do by the end of the lesson.

Jin Sen
(St Patrick's Sec)

I do think that I have made progress as I am able to understand more on what is being taught in classes. The class is not as fast paced as school thus I can learn more effectively. I like the lessons as Ms Amber explains and elaborates things in an easier way.


March crash course schedule

SG POA S3 POA Mar Hol Schedule.png

Topics to be covered

  • Journal (Double Entry)

  • Ledger (Double Entry)

S3 POA Crash course fee

Onsite: $150 per course

Online: $140 per course

*GST applicable.

SG POA S4 POA Mar Hol Schedule.png

Topics to be covered

  • Other Income and Expenses

S4 POA Crash course fee

Onsite: $160 per course

Online: $150 per course

(for the whole 2-Day course)

*GST applicable.

Register & experience the difference this holiday !

Build, grow, and strengthen your O level POA foundation by re-learning the important topics.
Limited slots available. Sign up early to grab your seat!

why are we different from the rest?


Exclusive Study Material

Premium notes & worksheets will be catered for students' needs to develop deeper understanding on POA concepts, from fundamental

to the advance level.


Super Tutors

Our former MOE teachers will be here to guide and simplify complex POA explanations, expedite the revision and save students' time for other productive activities.


On-site / Online Lessons

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your learning spot by attending our physical classes or online classes at the comfort of your home.


Ask and Learn

Interactive and engaging classes that spark discussions between the teachers and the students. Unlike conventional classes, we foster a lively learning atmosphere, allowing students to gain a better grasp of this subject.

need more info?

Reach us via live chat / WhatsApp / call / email.

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