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Why choose Mr Wynn Khoo as your POA tutor?

  1. Credibility

    • Being an ex-MOE teacher differentiates Mr Wynn Khoo from many other tutors​. Mr Wynn Khoo graduated with Honors from NBS Accountancy and was also trained by MOE for the transition of syllabus and he understands the syllabus well.

    • What the syllabus entails (mainly book-keeping) is vastly different from the actual real world accounting. 

    • Mr Wynn Khoo also keeps himself abreast of the updates in syllabus and the occasional disclosure from Cambridge to MOE teachers. 
  2. Ability

    • An accountancy graduate or an accountant may know how to do book-keeping, however, being able to practice accounting does not equate to being able to teach accounting. 

    • Mr Wynn Khoo is able to deliver the lesson in a concise and easy to understand manner to help our 15 and 16 years old students understand accounting concepts that leaves many working adults baffled. 

    • He has the ability to engage students using real life examples to make the lessons interesting and meaningful. It helps the students see POA as a useful and meaningful subject rather than one that requires them to memorise in order to score a good grade for exams. 

  3. Personality

    • Mr Wynn Khoo is sincere, committed and patient. 

    • Having taught in a school setting, he understands the common difficulties that students faces for the subject. 

    • He will try his best to know his students personally as a person and he gives his all to help them and not leave any one behind. 

Testimonial & Proven Results

best poa tuition and poa tutor Mr Wynn Khoo
best poa tuition and poa tutor Mr Wynn Khoo
best poa tuition and poa tutor Mr Wynn Khoo
best poa tuition and poa tutor Mr Wynn Khoo
Best principles of accounts tutor in singapore
Testimonial for POA tuition by Mr Wynn Khoo
Best POA Tutor in Singapore
Student's Testimonial for POA tuition by Mr Wynn Khoo
Student's Testimonial for POA tuition by Mr Wynn Khoo

"Mr Khoo's lesson is the best! I can't even do double entry initially. Last time I wanted to drop POA, but now I am getting A1 for my results!"

Aswin Jacob, Montfort Secondary School (2018)

"I have improved even more and I managed to secure my A1 because of Mr Khoo's explanation and constant guidance. It made POA easier to understand."

Lam Yan Yee, PLMGSS (2018)

"Mr Khoo's lessons is enjoyable and Mr Khoo always ensure that we understand before moving on to the next question. I wish I joined the tuition much earlier lol"

Fatris, Dunearn Secondary School (2018)

"The lessons are very engaging and structured in such a way that students can understand the topic. Mr Khoo cater to the individuals as compared to the school where everyone is expected to help themselves. I like that the class is very quick and everyone learns together in a very conducive environment. Thank you Mr Khoo for making this subject that I once despised better for me. I enjoy your lessons very much :D"

Ryley Teo, Dunearn Secondary School (2018)

"The way my school teacher explain can be confusing and sometimes out of point. Mr Khoo's explanation is easier to understand and I have improved my grades."

Yee Dong Heng, Manjusri Secondary School (2018)

"The pace of the lesson is suitable for my learning and I am able to learn POA better and tackle different questions with the methods I learnt. My interest for POA has drastically increased and I would feel motivated to do POA on my own. Thanks for teaching me and allowing me to gain interest in a subject I almost considered to drop during my MYE."

Ong Tze Ken, Yuying Secondary School (2018)

"I like how Mr Khoo goes down to the basic first during revision before working his way up towards harder questions. Please keep teaching! You're one of those teachers I actually acknowledges!"

Thomas Agustinus, Pasir Ris Secondary School (2018)

"My school teacher uses a really thick notes and goes through everything but it is so confusing! I like that Mr Khoo goes around to help students during his lessons :)"

Carmen Lee, St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School (2018)

"Through Mr Khoo's teachings, the time I take for each question has shortened considerably and I am more proficient in answering questions. Mr Khoo makes it easier to see the connection between chapters and accounts while my school teachers often isolate the chapters. Thank you for helping me improve my grades to A2 and I am also able to teach my friends now."

Amanda Chan Minyi, Jurongville Secondary School (2018)

"I finally understand how to apply the Dr and Cr of different accounts now and I like POA more and I got full marks for my incomplete records test!"

Yu Han Shang, Bukit Merah Secondary School (2018)

"I managed to understand more about POA compared to before joining the class. Mr Khoo's clear explanation and practice helped me understand POA unlike my school teacher who just give us practice without explaining."

Jackie Chia, Peicai Secondary School (2018)

"My teachers in school tend to ask us to memorise the journal entry and the theory, however Mr Khoo makes sure that we understand, making it easier for us to apply our knowledge in our answers. My teacher use several lessons to go through a topic and I still do not understand, but over at Mr Khoo's class, I grasp the concept quite easily after a lesson. I have been scoring well for my tests and it is thanks to Mr Khoo who help us understand the concept easily"

Yeow Jing Yi Eunice, Xinmin Secondary School (2018)

"I have gotten an A1 for my latest Mid-Year Examinations! This is a great improvement from when I first joined in August with a result of F9. Through Mr Khoo's lessons, I get to better understand the topics I am unclear of  and I also get sufficient practice from other schools' latest exam papers."

Rachel Cheong, West Spring Secondary School 

"I am able to build up on my foundation in Principles of Accounts through the lessons with Mr Khoo. I can concentrate better in the smaller class. The explanation that Mr Khoo provides is also simple and easy to understand :)"

Nur Izzati, Unity Secondary School 

Student's Testimonial for POA tuition by Mr Wynn Khoo
Best POA tuition
Student's Testimonial for POA tuition by Mr Wynn Khoo
Student's Testimonial for POA Tuition by Mr Wynn Khoo
Student's Testimonial for POA tuiton by Mr Wynn Khoo
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