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Tutor Background - Mr Chris Seah

Mr Chris Seah graduated from the NTU, Nanyang Business School with First Class Honours for his Double Degree in Accountancy and Business (Banking and Finance). He is currently pursuing his Chartered Financial Analyst qualifications and helping students pursuing Accounting and Finance in their studies. 

He provides tutoring help for various accounting and finance courses in the different polytechnics. Students who are facing difficulties in their modules can seek his support and be assured that he would help you overcome the obstacles and set you on the path to success in finance and accounting.


Financial Accounting


Students will be able to gain an understanding of financial accounting covering company and group accounts, cash flow statements and financial ratios.


Students learn to prepare final accounts of companies, to read and understand published accounts and to prepare consolidated accounts.


They will be taught to analyse and interpret financial statements using various tools of analysis of selected industries. They will also be exposed to financial statements of various industries.

Cost & Management Accounting


Students will be able to understand how managers and employees make use of accounting and financial information within an organisation to make informed business decisions that will allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions.


Students will focus on how to manage the cost of a company to ensure that the company or a project is profitable. Students will learn how to evaluate the financial viability of a project, review the financial success of a project or company, costing and budgeting, and design financial models with the use of spreadsheets. 

Business Management


Students will acquire an understanding of basic management principles and practices. They will also learn how managers plan, organise, lead and control activities and resources in organisations, as well as how change management, innovation and creativity can enhance organisational performance.

Business Statistics


This module introduces basic concepts of statistics, focusing on basic statistical tools and models for decision-making in the business world. Students will learn how to organise and analyse data and interpret the results. 

Other Business & Finance modules


Please do not hesitate to call/ SMS 8135 6556 to enquire on how we can assist you with your studies.

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