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Associate Chemistry Tutor - Mr Darren Poh (Ex-MOE)

Mr Darren Poh graduated from the National University of Singapore with Honours (2nd class upper) in Chemical Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education in National Institute of Education with (merit) specialising in Chemistry and Mathematics.


He has been teaching Chemistry for the past 16 years in different educational institutions such as government and private schools. 


Beside being well- versed with the school syllabus, he is also very experienced in tailoring his lessons to cater to students of varied learning needs and abilities.


He uses a wide repertoire of teaching strategies e.g. use of videos, animation and activities to engage learners and make application of chemistry concepts simple and meaningful.


Apart from imparting knowledge, he also focuses on the importance of learning the correct techniques to understand and answer examination-based questions.


Besides being passionate in his teaching, he is very approachable and connects well with his students. He constantly strives to bring out the best potential in them. 


With his teaching dedication and vast experience, Mr Darren will be a valuable facilitator in the students' learning journey.

2019 Chemistry Tuition Schedule

Starting week of 7 Jan 2019

Thursday (Bishan)

S3 Chemistry - 4.30 p.m. 

S4 Chemistry - 6.30 p.m.

Call/ SMS 8135 6556 for enquiries!

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